For hire I am a Costume + Production Designer for independent film.



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A Cops and Robbers Story          
Documentary Feature
dir. Illinca Calugareanu

*2021 Cleveland International Film Festival Selection


Now Is Not The Best Time          
Episodic Series
dir. Jacqueline Dow

*2021 Sidewalk Film Festival Selection


Now is Not the Best Time: TRAILER from Jacqueline Dow on Vimeo.

When Skies Are Gray          
Short Film
dir. Lio Mehiel


When Skies Are Gray from Dulcinée DeGuere on Vimeo.

The Perfect Fourth          
Short Film
dir. Henry Wolf

*Short of the Week

Costumes, Sets

The Perfect Fourth from Henry Wolf on Vimeo.

After Abby          
Short Film
dir. Ali Arminio

*2019 NewFilmmakers Ny Selection 


After Abby from Ali Arminio on Vimeo.

One Summer Night          
Short Film
dir. Stephen Law

*Asian Film Festival Selection


One Summer Night Trailer from Stephen Law on Vimeo.


Cargo Collective, Inc.

Los Angeles, Calif.