You on Election Nights, “A Feature Length Photograph,”  Opening @ La MaMa Galleria in 2022 *

Americans will always remember the seven days including
and following the 2020 Election.
A pandemic, record voter turnout, days of waiting, a
46th President-elect, an historic Vice Presient-Elect,
and the development of a vaccine in record time.
If this has not been the most unpredictable and
confoundingly nebulous moment in American history, then
it certainly ranks in the top tier.
Some, including former President Donald Trump, doubt
the results of the election; others call foul on the
timing of the Pfizer announcement. More feel our very
democracy was at or continues to be at stake.
If for nothing else, this time will be remembered as a
test of our patience and flexibility.
This Zoom series was made over seven days and nights
beginning November 3 2020 and ending November 10 2020.
35 cameras in homes all over the country recorded as
these Americans watched an ABC News livestream, Kamala
Harris’s unprecedented victory speech, and the breaking
news of a remarkably effective vaccine for COVID-19, the
novel coronavirus.

Cargo Collective, Inc.

Los Angeles, Calif.