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The 2022 International production featured the talents of Elise Ansher / Greg Arch / Oliver Augustin / Rocky Bostick / Alois Cerbu / Philippe Chlenski / Will Cobbs / Jake Colavolpe / Kendra Dawsey / Thu Do / Son Duong / David Ehrlich / Andy Evren / Judy Hao / Heather Hewko / Isaac Howell / Chaka Jaliwa / Rohan Joshi / Albert Lee / Elias Lopez / Giovanni Lopez / Vincent Mitchell / Will Nixon / TJ Park / Zach Postlethwaite / David Rico / Benjy Steinberg / Devin Talbot / Matt Thekkethala / Delroy Walters / Tim Wang / Karléh Wilson / Tony Wu / Katherine Yaksich / Becca Young / Willis Zhang / Afreen / Gabriela Marg? / Corey / Sam  / Alora Reed-Garcia / Nick / Gio Wife / Karleh Daughter

April 26 2022

The 2018 New Haven production featured the talents of Luis Antonio / Cami Arboles /Alayna Bailey / Sharon Bailey / Luna Beller-Tadiar  / Christina Bostick / Rocky Bostick / Lauren Chun / Emma Clarkson / Jake Colavolpe / Liam Cummins / Autumn Darby / Cyrus Duff / Joseph Eusebio / Andy Evren / Patricia Fa’asua / Anteo Fabris / Gillian Fu / Leonard Galmon / Sam Gurwitt / Maudie Lee Thomas / Tully Goldrick / Ann-Marie Gover / Antonio Harvey / Ayotunde Ifaturoti / Jack Lawrence / Adrian Lin / Francescka McKenzie / Kai-Lan Olson / Jaquana Ricks / Krista Smith / Seta Waniqolo / Cara Washington / Jayla Witherspoon / Becca Young / Mimi Zschack /

In 2017 our company, The Opera x Metamorphoses, began in the mountains of Alaska with the goal of bridging communities.  The result was our feature-length show, The Opera x Metamorphoses, a devised theater piece performed at Yale. [Mention that this is a quadrennial production now] -- write a more general blurb -- then put some of this info under the New Haven show. But I think that the “Tickets to our show...” can remain in the first body paragraph here or something.

   For six months an intersectional team of students x professional dancers from New Haven explored 4 lesser known tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Ultimately this became an examination of relationships: desire x circumstance, spiritual x physical, god x mortal, sister x brother, dream x reality.

   Conceptually and in practice OxM is committed to diversity. We hope our next show will continue to showcase stories, performers, and sounds traditionally underrepresented in classical music. Our inaugural production was made possible through the generosity of St. Paul UAME Church and the Yale Arts Discretionary Fund. Tickets to our show were free, and so they will forever be.


Cargo Collective, Inc.

Los Angeles, Calif.